These Are The Opening Previews from Kipper: Pig's Present And Other Stories (The 1999 VHS) (Universal/Artisan Entertainment Version)

  1. "Coming From Universal Studios Home Video"
  2. Crayola Videos Promo (3 Little Pigs The Movie, Ugly Duckling Sing-Along Tunes, The Ugly Duckling, Small Stories, Brambly Hedge Autumn & Winter Stories)
  3. Crayola Videos Promo (Percy The Park Keeper, The Adventures Of Mouse And Mole, Tales Of The Tooth Faries)
    Percy the Park Keeper from Crayola VHS Promo

    This was taken from The VHS Opening Previews from Kipper: Pig's Present And Other Stories. (The 1999 VHS.) (Universal/Artisan Entertainment Version.)

  4. Kipper: The Visitor And Other Stories Preview
  5. "Feature Presentation"
  6. FBI Warning
  7. Universal Logo
  8. Hallmark Home Entertainment Logo
  9. Family Home Entertainment Logo
  10. Artisan Entertainment Logo
  11. Kipper Intro
  12. Start of TV Show (Pig's Present)

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