These Are The Opening Previews for Monsters, Inc. (The UK 2002 VHS.)

  1. Disney Warning Scroll (1990)
  2. Monsters Inc
    Walt Disney Home Entertainment Logo
  3. "The following Previews and Features are classified G" Screen
  4. "Coming Soon To Own On Disney DVD and Video" Logo
  5. Beauty and the Beast The Special Edition Preview
  6. Tarzan and Jane Preview
  7. 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure Preview
  8. The Princess Diaries Preview
  9. "Now Available To Own on Video and DVD" Logo
  10. Peter Pan: Return To Neverland Preview
  11. "Now Showing in Cinemas" Logo
  12. Lilo & Stitch Theatrical Teaser Trailer (The Lion King Version)
  13. Disneyland In California Promo
  14. "Stay Tuned After This Feature For Special Material" Logo
  15. "Feature Presentation" Logo
  16. For The Birds Pixar Short

    This was taken from The Opening Previews for Monsters, Inc. (The 2002 Australian VHS.)

  17. Walt Disney Pictures (Pixar Variant)
  18. Pixar Animation Studios Logo