These Are The Opening Previews from Muppet Treasure Island (The 1996 Cinemark Theatre) (Paramount Version)

  1. Paramount Pictures' James And The Giant Peach Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  2. Paramount Pictures' The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  3. Paramount Pictures' Homeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  4. Paramount Pictures' First Kid Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  5. Paramount Pictures' D3: The Mighty Ducks Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  6. Paramount Pictures' 101 Dalmatians (Live-Action) Theatrical Teaser Trailer

    This was taken from The Theatrical Opening Previews from Muppet Treasure Island. (The 1996 Cinemark Theatre.) (Paramount Version.)

  7. All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 Theatrical Teaser Trailer (from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and United Artists)
  8. Cinemark Policy Trailer (1996)
  9. Paramount Pictures Logo
  10. Walt Disney Pictures (1990-2006) Logo
  11. Jim Henson Productions Logo

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