Disc 1

1.The views interpressed 

2.INTERPOL Warning

3.Universal HD-DVD Logo

4-Now aviable from DVD screen

5-Monster 60 Anniversary Trailer

6-DVD Menu

7-Rated PG Screen

8-FBI Warning

9-THX Logo(Tex Ex)

10-Universal Logo(1997-2012)(ROBOCAR Variant)


1.End of credits

2.Universal Logo

3.FBI Warning

4.Rated PG Screen

Disc 2

1.INTERPOL Warning

2.FBI Warning(Blue Navy Warning)

3.Now Aviable on Dvd screen

4.Monster 60th Aniversary Two Discs Promo

5.Now on Video

6.My Friend Trailer

7.Aspect Ratio(Widescreen and Fullscreen)

8.DVD Menu

9.THX Logo(Moo Can)

10.Universal Logo(ROBO-CAR Variant)

11.First 3 minutes or movie.


1.End of Credits

2.Rated PG

3.FBI Warning(Blue Navy Warning)

4.Universal HD-DVD Logo

DVD Menus[edit]

Disc 1: Main Menu

  • Play Movie(1:58:31)
  • Scene Selection
  • Sneak Peeks
  • Set Up
  • THX Optimizer
  • Special Features

Disc 1: Scene Selection[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. The Born of a Inventor
  3. The 3"Age Inventor
  4. Six Age Old
  5. The Present Day
  6. I"m Talking with the Day
  7. The birth of a Car
  8. The car goes Bad
  9. The Car is normal
  10. ROBO-CAR Begins
  11. ROBO-CAR Battle
  12. Crazy Car
  13. Screaming People
  14. The Enemy Begins
  15. ANTI-CAR Begins
  16. ANTI-CAR has a wicked soul
  17. ANTI-CAR Faints
  18. Ka-Boom
  19. The Storm of ANTI-CAR
  20. The End is Near
  21. The Lesser of a Evil
  22. Defeated!
  23. Bloopers
  24. Credits

Disc 1: Sneak Peeks[edit]

  • Monster 60th Anniversary 
  • Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command Movie
  • A Great Adventure(2005)
  • Monster 2 Special Edition

Disc 2: Main Menu[edit]

  • Printables
  • CD-ROM
  • Play Movie(Widescreen)(1:58:50)
  • THX Optimizer
  • Set Up
  • Universal HD-DVD Version

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