These Are The Opening Previews from Shrek 2 (The 2004 VHS) (Columbia TriStar Version)

  1. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment Logo ("Coming Soon To VHS & DVD")
    Shrek 2 2004 VHS
  2. Shark Tale Preview
  3. Madagascar Promo (With Ben Stiller)
  4. Thunderbirds Preview
  5. "Now Available On VHS & DVD"
  6. The Swan Princess/The Swan Princess: Mystery Of The Enchanted Kingdom Preview
  7. The Master Of Disguise Preview
  8. Daddy Day Care Preview
  9. Soccer Dog: European Cup Preview
    Melman Marty and Gloria cuddling up to Alex

    This was taken from The VHS Opening Previews from Shrek 2. (The 2004 VHS.) (Columbia TriStar Version.)

  10. Kermit's Swamp Years Preview
  11. FBI Warnings
  12. Surround Sound Logo
  13. "This film has been modified..."
  14. Columbia Pictures Logo (Shrek 2 Variant)
  15. DreamWorks SKG Logo (Shrek 2 Variant)