This is a Prank Opening for The Powerpuff Girls Movie (The 2002 VHS.)

The Powerpuff Girls Sucks

The Powerpuff Girls Dance Pantsed Crying Scene00:38

The Powerpuff Girls Dance Pantsed Crying Scene

Published on April 18, 2016

Now I'm probably gonna get lots of hate for this one, but please respect my opinion on this one. In my opinion, this movie was so terrible and girlish. The three main characters look like bugs with their big eyes, and Barbie Dolls dressed as superheroes, the animation was wretchedly choppy, The Mayor of Townsville was so annoying, the characters were unlikable, and the villain was very laughable, heck, the animation was so bad and not well-drawn at all, that it makes episodes looking like a masterpiece. I even used The shoddy 2014 Powerpuff Girls episode as well, due to the ugliest animation. They throw tantrums like spolied brats all because of a stupid game called Dance Pants Revolution (A Parody of Dance, Dance, Revolution). It's really funny. Even though I hate the TV show The Powerpuff Girls too. Now if you are a Powerpuff Girls fan, and love this movie, IRYO, But me, I, HATE, THIS, MOVIE, IT'S, SO, TERRIBLE!!!!

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