This is a Prank Opening for The Return Of Jafar (The 1994 VHS.)

The Return Of Jafar VHS
YouTube Poop Teen Titans No04:19

YouTube Poop Teen Titans No

Published on April 7, 2016

Now this is just my opinion with this sequel. This is one of the worst sequels ever made in Disney history. There's so many cringeworthy moments that the animation is even hard to look at during the entire film. The sequel just shoves to everyone's faces, with an annoying talking Parrot, and The Genie as well. And the songs are also redone in a terrible way, and it's just a botched up mess. The villain's sidekick was so irritating as well, and the main villain was really pathetic, even from the first film, he was a pathetic villain IMO. The plot was so confusing, the characters are poorly-drawn, the animation was nauseating, and the ending was wretched. This is one of the worst sequels ever to be made in history. But if you like this sequel, IRYO, But me, I, HATE, THIS, SEQUEL, IT'S, SO, TERRIBLE!!!!!

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