These are the Opening Previews for The Rugrats Movie. And as you know, this is a 1998 movie.

  1. Paramount Coming To Theaters
  2. Rugrats In Paris The Movie Trailer
  3. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Teaser Trailer
  4. Coming To Videocasste
  5. Peanuts Videos Preview
  6. Grease VHS And DVD Preview
  7. New Rugrats Videos Promo
  8. Coming Soon To Videocassate
  9. Rugrats 10th Anniversary Edition Promo
  10. Cat Dog Bonus Short
  11. "Stay Tuned Bumper
  12. Paramount "Feature Presentation" Logo
  13. FBI Warning Screen
  14. Black Format Screen
  15. THX Logo
  16. Paramount Pictures Logo
  17. Nickelodeon Movies Logo(Snow Day Version)
  18. Opening Credits
  19. Start of Movie

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