These Are The Opening Previews from Thumb Wars (The 1994 VHS)

  1. Turner Home Entertainment Logo
  2. FBI Warnings
  3. Columbia TriStar Home Video (1993-2001) Logo
  4. The Swan Princess Behind-The-Scenes Promo
  5. The Greatest Stories On Bible Videos Promo
  6. Dink The Little Dinosaur VHS Promo
  7. "And Now, Our Feature Presentation"
  8. Steve Oedererk's Thumb Wars Introduction With Steve Oedererk
  9. Lucasfilm Ltd Logo (Thumb Wars Variant)
  10. Opening Credits
  11. Start of Special

Print Date: September 13, 1994

(C) 1994 Turner Home Entertainment and Columbia TriStar Home Video, all rights reserved

(C) 1993 O Entertainment and Lucasfilm, all rights reserved, Thumbs is a trademark of O Entertainment and Star Wars is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd.

VHS Release Date: October 1, 1994

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