Here are the opening and closing credits to the film "Alvin's Big Dream of Awesomeness" (2017 DVD)

Opening Credits

1. Paramount Pictures logo

2. FastPlay/Main Menu page

3. The LEGO Movie Blu-Ray trailer

4. SpongeBob SquarePants: Sponge Out of Water DVD trailer

5. The Chipettes movie DVD/Blu-Ray trailer

6. Cars 3 teaser trailer

7. Frozen 2 teaser trailer

8. The Smurfs 3 teaser trailer

9. Warning screen

10. "The following film is Rated PG....."

11. Ross Bagasstriagn Productions logo

12. ALVIN!!!! Productions logo

13. Start of movie

Ending credits

1. End of movie

2. Credits roll

3. Paramount Pictures logo

4. Bagasstriagn Productions logo

5. Alvin says, "That's all folks!"

6. Previews from the opening credits

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