Opening to An Extremely Goofy Movie 2000 VHS

1.) Blue FBI Screens 2.) Walt Disney Home Video 1992 logo 3.) Coming Soon to Own on Video and DVD Bumper (Winnie the Pooh Variant) 4.) The Little Mermaid 2: Return to The Sea trailer 5.) The tigger movie preview 6.) Toy Story 2 preview 7.) Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Preview 8.) Fantasia 2000 preview 9.) Now Available to Own on Video (Winnie the Pooh Variant) 10.) Winnie the Pooh: Storybook classics trailer 11.) Madeline: lost in Paris trailer 12.) Discover Spot trailer 13.) Coming Soon to Theaters (winnie the pooh variant) 14.) The Emperor's New Groove Trailer 15.) Remember The Titans Trailer 16.) Coming Soon to Own On Video (Winnie the Pooh variant) 17.) Disney Halloween Favorites Promo 18.) Disney Home for the Holidays Promo 19.) Playhouse Disney Promo (From the adventures of Ichabod and Mr. toad 1999 wdmc VHS, but with different bumper) 20.) promo 21.) Join us After the Feature... 22.) 2000 Feature Presentation logo (Winnie the Pooh Variant) 23.) Green Format Screen (Different Font) 24.) 1986-2001 WDHV logo (w/presents) 25.) Start of Movie

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