Here's the opening for the Sesame Street: The Movie on 1991 re-print by the 1989 VHS in Columbia Tristar Family Collection on the vertical ink label tape. The print date is: October 26th, 1991.

  • 1. Columbia/Tristar Home Video {Coming Soon To Home Video} Logo
  • 2. Fly Away Home Trailer
  • 3. Dragon Tales Videos Trailer
  • 4. 1989 Walt Disney Classics logo with Voice Over
  • 5. Muppets From Space preview
  • 6. Annie preview
  • 7. {a man saying, "Hey, kids. Stay tuned after the movie for a Batman: The Animated Series episode, Batgirl Returns. And now, here's a feature presentation, "Sesame Street: The Movie!"
  • 8. Tristar Pictures logo {Sesame Street: The Movie varrient}
  • 9. Start Of Movie

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