Mask of the Phantasm
  1. Philadelphia Trailer
  2. Grumpy Old Men Trailer
  3. Tombstone Trailer
  4. Cabin Boy Trailer
  5. Iron Will Trailer
  6. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Trailer
  7. My Father the Hero Trailer
  8. The Gateway Trailer
  9. My Girl 2 Trailer
  10. Blank Check Trailer
  11. Reality Bites Trailer
  12. Blue Chips Trailer
  13. Four Weddings and a Funeral Trailer
  14. The Hudsucker Proxy Trailer
  15. The Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Trailer
  16. D2: The Mighty Ducks Trailer
  17. Thumbelina Teaser Trailer
  18. White Fang 2 Teaser Trailer
  19. Beverly Hills Cop III Teaser Trailer
  20. The Flintstones Teaser Trailer
  21. Speed Teaser Trailer
  22. Getting Even with Dad Teaser Trailer
  23. Wolf Teaser Trailer
  24. The Lion King Teaser Trailer
  25. Little Big League Teaser Trailer
  26. Forrest Gump Teaser Trailer
  27. Angels in the Outfield Teaser Trailer
  28. True Lies Teaser Trailer
  29. North Teaser Trailer
  30. Lassie Teaser Trailer
  31. The Pagemaster Teaser Trailer
  32. Maverick Teaser Trailer
  33. Wyartt Earp Teaser Trailer
  34. Black Beauty Teaser Trailer
  35. Regal Cinemas Policy Trailer (Rollercoaster)
  36. Warner Bros Family Entertainment logo
  37. Opening credits
  38. Start of film

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