• Warning screen
  • Roadshow Entertainment ident (1995)
  • "Have You Got What You Paid For?" advert
  • Rating advice promo (mid-1990s)
  • El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment ident (1996)
  • El TV Kadsre introduction trailer
  • Twenty-Four Days promo
  • Then All Sudden... trailer
  • Spirit of Speed 1937 trailer
  • Journey to Caelum: The Nova Orbis Story trailer
  • El TV Kadsre Home Entertainment "Bringing home video to Australia" ident
  • Coming soon bumper
  • 'The following trailer is rated PG' screen
  • The Maze trailer (1996)
  • 'The following trailer is rated M' screen
  • Last Man Standing trailer (1997)
  • Conjuring Today trailer (1996)
  • Children of the Revolution trailer (1996)
  • Hotel de Love trailer (1996)
  • Nova Orbis 3: Crackdown trailer (1996)
  • 'The following trailer is rated MA' screen
  • Nightwatch trailer (1997)
  • The Hino Brothers trailer (1996)
  • More Previews to Follow bumper
  • Bionicle: The Mask of Creation advert (1996)
  • El TV Kadsre website advert (1995)
  • 'M' rating screen
  • El TV Kadsre Films logo (1989, w. El TV Kadsre MCA Communications, Co, logo)
  • Ryu Hamasaki Releasing logo (1989)
  • Toei logo (1970s-1990s)
  • Everything Can't Go Wrong Now! Pictures logo

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