In order:

  • FBI Warning
  • Scholastic logo
  • Family Home Entertainment Kids Logo
  • Sony Wonder Logo
  • Warner Home Video Logo
  • Coming to Videocassete & DVD
  • Biscuit Season 2 Disc Set
  • The Magic World of Larry Season 3 Box Set
  • Now Available on Videocassete & DVD
  • The Magic World of Larry: Larry's Adventures
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Videos & DVD
  • Biscuit Classic Shorts
  • Time Warner Cable Kids Biscuit Promo
  • Bonus The Magic World of Larry: The Big Red Magic Dome Goes Haywire! (Aired 5/3/1999)
  • Feature Presentation
  • Paramount Home Entertainment Logo
  • First Few 5 Minutes of the Movie

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