This is a opening previews for Bob's Burgers (You know that's the 2011 Fox animated series, But this is a 1999 animated movie.) at Harkins Theatres in 1999

  1. T.U.F.F. Puppy teaser trailer
  2. Disney's Tarzan theatrical trailer
  3. Inspector Gadget theatrical trailer
  4. Blue Sky Studios' A Extra-Terrestrial's Life theatrical trailer
  5. Camp TV theatrical trailer
  6. Future-Worm teaser trailer
  7. Star vs. the Forces of Evil theatrical trailer
  8. Harkins Theatres "Feature Presentation" bumper (1997-2006)
  9. THX "Tex 2: Moo Can" (1997) bumper
  10. 20th Century Fox logo
  11. "a Bento Box Entertainment production" In-Credit Title Logo
  12. Start of movie

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