1. Bon voyage charlie brown xlg
    AMC "Previews" bumper
  2. The Hollywood Knights Trailer
  3. The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood Trailer
  4. Urban Cowboy Trailer
  5. The Blues Brothers Trailer
  6. Herbie Goes Bananas Trailer
  7. Airplane! Trailer
  8. The Fox And The Hound Teaser Trailer
  9. Caddyshack Trailer
  10. Xanadu Trailer
  11. Popeye Teaser Trailer
  12. Raging Bull Teaser Trailer
  13. Raiders of the Lost Ark Teaser Trailer
  14. AMC "Silence is Golden"
  15. AMC "Feature Presentation" bumper
  16. Paramount Pictures logo
  17. Opening credits
  18. Start of film

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