Chicken Run (2000) Poster
  1. Me Myself and Irene Trailer
  2. The Patriot Trailer
  3. The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Trailer
  4. The Perfect Storm Trailer
  5. The Kid Trailer
  6. Scary Movie Trailer
  7. X-Men Trailer
  8. Pokemon: The Movie 2000 Trailer
  9. Loser Trailer
  10. In the Crowd Trailer
  11. Digimon the movie trailer
    What Lies Beneath Trailer
  12. Thomas and the Magic Railroad Trailer
  13. Nutty Professor II: The Klumps Trailer
  14. Coyote Ugly Trailer
  15. Hollow Man Trailer
  16. Space Cowboys Trailer
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  18. The Kid Trailer
  19. Scary Movie Trailer
  20. The Original Kings of Comedy Trailer
  21. Bring it On Trailer
  22. Nurse Betty Trailer
  23. Almost Famous Trailer
  24. Duets Trailer
  25. Billy Elliott Trailer
  26. The Exorcist 2000 Re-Release Trailer
  27. Best in Show Trailer
  28. Remember the Titans Trailer
  29. Digimon: The Movie Teaser Trailer
  30. Bamboozled Teaser Trailer
  31. The Little Vampire Teaser Trailer
  32. Charlie's Angels Teaser Trailer
  33. The Legend of Bagger Vance Teaser Trailer
  34. Little Nicky Teaser Trailer
  35. The Grinch Teaser Trailer
  36. Red Planet Teaser Trailer
  37. Bounce Teaser Trailer
  38. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Teaser Trailer
  39. 102 Dalmatians Teaser Trailer
  40. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Teaser Trailer
  41. Dungeons and Dragons Teaser Trailer
  42. The Emperor's New Groove Teaser Trailer
  43. Dude Where's My Car Teaser Trailer
  44. What Women Want Teaser Trailer
  45. Monkeybone Teaser Trailer
  46. Lara Croft Tomb Radier Teaser Trailer
  47. Shrek Teaser Trailer
  48. Pacific Theatres Policy Trailer (1995-)
  49. DreamWorks logo (Chicken Run variant)
  50. Opening credits
  51. Opening Bit of the film where the Chickens are Running except for Ginger Alone where it "Says No Chicken Escapes From Tweedy's Farm"
  52. "Chicken Run" Title card
  53. Start of film