• Dolby Digital Rain

    This was taken from The Opening Previews for Flirting Scholar (The 2008 Hong Kong DVD).

    Tai Seng Entertainment logo (2002-2008)
  • FBI Warning screens (in English & Chinese)
  • Dolby Digital logo (Rain)
  • Hooked on You trailer
  • Eye in the Sky trailer
  • DVD menu
  • A Golden Harvest Distribution logo
  • Win's Movie Production Limited
  • Start of the Movie (1993)


Tai Seng Entertainment Ident-000:14

Tai Seng Entertainment Ident-0

Dolby Digital Rain logo00:35

Dolby Digital Rain logo

Hooked On You- Trailer01:26

Hooked On You- Trailer

Eye in the Sky trailer02:00

Eye in the Sky trailer


  • This is another Tai Seng DVD to contain Dolby Digital logo (Rain) on some of these Hong Kong movies on DVD, just like one of these Hong Kong TV series.
  • Dolby Digital logo (Rain) and DVD Menu are also used from these DVDs, like any of these Hong Kong TV series.

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