The new Cartoon Network miniseries entitled "Over the Garden Wall", gave me the thought of it being the baby of "Gravity Falls" and Studio Ghibli (remember Totoro and Kiki), based on the fact that both mediums' elements are lent into OTGW.

VHS Opening

  1. 1998 Green Warnings
  2. 1998 Buena Vista Home Video logo (2002 Castle)
  3. Coming Soon To Own On Videocassette
  4. The Rescuers trailer (January 5, 1999 release)
  5. Summer of the Monkeys trailer (omitted from Canadian VHS)
  6. Doug the Movie trailer (Before Disney reconsidered a theatrical release, they planned on making "Doug" a direct-to-video movie)
  7. Now Available To Own On Videocassette
  8. How The Toys Saved Christmas trailer (formerly known as "The Toys Who Saved Christmas")
  9. Feature Presentation logo
  10. Green Format Screen
  11. 1998 Buena Vista Home Video logo (again, but still)
  12. Studio Ghibli logo


  • Original Japanese release date: 1990
  • US VHS Release date: November 3, 1998

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