On Scratchpad, I've seen users come up with fake VHS intros from the years that they came up with. Aside from that, this is what "Gravity Falls" would look like if it was picked up for Americanization by DiC in Fall 1994 from Toei (Japan Winter 1991-92).

P.S. DiC Video only released Season 1 on VHS, as a different company (namely Viz Video) released Season 2 episodes a few years later.

Opening to Welcome to Gravity Falls 1995 VHS

(Episodes: Tourist Trapped and Legend of the Gobblewonker)

  1. 1991 Green Warnings
  2. Sailor Moon Original Promo (Serena was Victoria; Ami was Blu; Raye was Dana; Lita was Maggie/Sarah; and Mina was Carrie)
  3. DiC Toon Time Video logo
  4. Gravity Falls intro

Opening to Dipper vs. Manliness 1995 VHS

(Episodes: The Inconveniencing and Dipper vs. Manliness)

  1. 1991 Green Warnings
  2. Coming Soon to Videocassette logo
  3. Cinderella trailer (Female announcer)
  4. Now Available to Own on Videocassette logo
  5. Winnie the Pooh promo (from "Favorite Stories: Wind in the Willows")
  6. Disney Princess Collection promo (as seen on "Sailor Moon: Scouts Unite!")
  7. Feature Program logo (from "Belle's Magical World")
  8. DiC Toon Time Video logo
  9. Gravity Falls intro

Opening to Life According to Dipper Pines 1995 VHS

(Episodes: Double Dipper and Little Dipper)

  1. 1991 Green Warnings
  2. Muppet Christmas Carol trailer
  3. Now Available for Christmas logo
  4. A Chipmunk Christmas promo ("Christmas Don't Be Late")
  5. Feature Program (customized for "Gravity Falls")
  6. DiC Toon Time Video logo
  • NOTE: The previews are the same on Summerween (which contains the episode of the same name and Boss Mabel).

Opening to Tales from the Bottomless Pit 1996 VHS

(Episodes: Bottomless Pit and The Deep End)

  1. 1991 Green Warnings
  2. Bright Beginners promo
  3. Jim Henson Preschool Collection promo
  4. Feature Presentation logo
  5. DiC Toon-Time Video logo
  6. Gravity Falls intro

Opening to Gideon Rises 1996 VHS

(Episodes: Dreamscapers and Gideon Rises)

  1. 1991 Green Warnings
  2. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection promo
  3. Pocahontas trailer
  4. Disney Interactive promo (Pocahontas, Winnie the Pooh, Lion King)
  5. Feature Presentation logo
  6. DiC Toon Time Video logo

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