Here's the opening previews from Grover: The Adventures of the Brave Little Peanuts, the 1991 re-release of the 1987 animated feature at AMC Theatres in 1991.

  1. AMC Theatres: "Previews" (1991-1994)
  2. Beauty and the Beast Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  3. Elmo's Very Merry Fur Year Theatrical Trailer
  4. Star Trek: The Journey Home Theatrical Trailer
  5. AMC Theatres: "Silence Is Golden" (1986-1994)
  6. AMC Theatres: "Feature Presentation" (1991-1994) (Clip's First Appearance)
  7. Columbia Pictures (1981-1993) Logo (Plastered The 1963-1990 Universal Pictures Logo)
  8. Start of Movie (1987)
  9. Opening Credits (1987)
  10. "12 Years Later"

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