Indiana jones and the temple of doom ver3 xlg
  1. Gremlins
    AMC "Coming Attractions" bumper
  2. Star Trek III Trailer
  3. Ghostbusters Trailer
  4. Gremlins Trailer
  5. The Karate Kid Trailer
  6. The Muppets Take Manhattan Trailer
  7. Revenge of the Nerds Trailer
  8. The Jungle Book 1984 Re-Release Trailer
  9. Purple Rain Trailer
  10. Amadeus Teaser Trailer
  11. The Terminator Teaser Trailer
  12. A Nightmare on Elm Street Teaser Trailer
  13. The Breakfast Club Teaser Trailer
  14. Beverly Hills Cop Teaser Trailer
  15. Witness Teaser Trailer
  16. AMC "Silence is Golden"
  17. AMC "Feature Presentation" bumper
  18. Paramount Pictures logo (Temple of Doom variant)
  19. Opening credits
  20. Start of film