Opening to Johnny Test: The First Episodes 2002 VHS

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  1. Coming Soon on Video and DVD
  2. "Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure" teaser
  3. "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" trailer
  4. Now on Video and DVD
  5. "Rugrats in Paris" VHS/DVD trailer
  6. "Spongebob" VHS/DVD trailer
  7. Paramount Feature Presentation logo (2002)
  8. FBI Warning logo
  9. 2002 Paramount Pictures logo (90th Anniversary variant)
  10. Nickelodeon "Maze" bumper (2001)
  11. Johnny Test intro
  12. "Johnny to the Center of the Earth" title card
  13. 5 seconds of the cartoon


  • Release Date:August 29, 2002
  • This is a 2005 episode, But is a 1999 episode.
  • What if "Johnny Test" is distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment

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