Here's a order:

  1. Big Idea Warning Screens (2001-2006)
  1. Paramount Logo (1986-2002)
  1. Coming Soon to Theaters (1995-1999 logo from Disney)
  1. Sonic and Tails: The Movie Trailer (This Movie belongs to SpongeBobRules)
  1. Coming Soon to Own on Videocassette & DVD (1995-1999 logo from Disney)
  1. The Emperor's New Groove VHS and DVD Trailer
  1. Dudley Puppy: The Cartoon Adventures Promo (This Cartoon belongs to JohnnyandDukeyRulez)
  2. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie
  1. Paramount Feature Film Commercial
  1. Now Available to Own on Videocassette & DVD (1995-1999 logo from Disney)
  2. Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry
  1. The Legend of Maxwell the Fox Trailer (My Fake Trailer)
  1. Dudley Puppy and the Fib from Outer Space Trailer (This Cartoon belongs to MordecaiandRigbyfans)
  1. Mordecai and Rigby's Adventures series Promo (This Show belongs to LarryBoyfans)
  1. Jennifer and the Big Wall Trailer
  1. Stay Tuned After the Program
  1. Paramount Feature Presentation/Paramount FBI Warnings
  1. Paramount Logo (1986-2002)

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