1. Blue FBI Warning Screens
  2. Walt Disney Home Entertainment Logo
  3. Aladdin: Special Edition trailer
  4. Now Availible on Video and DVD
  5. Miracle DVD Trailer
  6. Coming Soon to Own on Video and DVD
  7. The Young Black Stallion DVD trailer
  8. Coming Soon to Theaters
  9. The Incredibles teaser trailer
  10. DVD Menu
  11. THX Logo
  12. Disney DVD Logo
  13. Walt Disney Pictures Logo (Orange Version)
  14. Start of the film
  15. The house in the winter all covered with snow, the narrator narrates "It's a Lovely Winter morning! Mary's Mom has a surprise for her to look out the window." and Mary's Mom called, "Mary! Come here and take a look!"
  16. Mary looks at the window in the house and said to Mary's Mom, "What is it, Mom?"
  17. And Mary's Mom said "It's Snow!"
  18. And Mary said, "I'm excited to see the snow!" And then Mary's Dad said, "But first, You need to get dressed."
  19. And then Mary said, "Okay! Fine! I'll get dressed by myself!"
  20. And the narrator narrates "Mary runs into her room to get dressed, and her parents were happy to see her."

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