Here is the Opening to the 2000 VHS of Madeline: Lost in Paris.

  1. Green FBI Warnings
  2. Walt Disney Home Video Logo
  3. Universal Home Video Logo
  4. Paramount Home Video Logo
  5. DIC Entertainment Logo
  6. Children's Television Workshop Logo
  7. Now on Videocassette
  8. The Brave Little Toaster Promo
  9. F3: Friendly, Faithful and Fair Promo
  10. Sesame Street: Follow that Bird VHS Trailer
  11. Babe and Emily Collection Trailer
  12. Disney's Broadway Collection Trailer
  13. The Spotlight Collection VHS Trailer
  14. Walt Disney Family Film Collection Promo
  15. Universal Family Features Promo
  16. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Promo
  17. Paramount Means Family Entertainment Promo
  18. The Dog of Flanders VHS Trailer
  19. The Muppets Collection Trailer
  20. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas Preview
  21. Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving Preview
  22. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory VHS Trailer
  23. Now the Theaters
  24. The Tigger Movie Theatrical Trailer
  25. Fantasia 2000 Trailer
  26. Digimon: The Musical Trailer
  27. Digimon: The Movie Theatrical Trailer
  28. Coming Soon to Theaters
  29. Charlie in the White House Teaser Trailer
  30. Digimon 2 Teaser Trailer
  31. Coming Soon on Videocassette
  32. The Sesame Street Collection
  33. Terry the Blubber's Train Trip Commercial
  34. The Terry the Blubber Collection Promo
  35. Fantasia 60th Anniversary Promo
  36. Be sure to catch in the Fun and Excitement on the Disney Channel
  37. Playhouse Disney Promo
  38. You Malignant Sow: the Series Ad
  39. The Wonderful World of Disney Ad
  40. Vault Disney Promo
  41. Disneyland Promo
  42. Walt Disney World "Catch It" Ad
  43. Paramount King's Island "Anything Can Happen" Ad
  44. Paramount Theme Parks Promo
  45. Universal Studios Escape Promo
  46. Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Promo
  47. Walt Disney World Promo
  48. Madeline: Lost in Paris: The Soundtrack Ad
  49. Join us after the Feature (with voiceover)
  50. D.B. Sweeney Intro
  51. Feature Presentation
  52. This Film has been mortified
  53. Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection Logo
  54. Opening Credits
  55. Start of Film

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