VHS Previews

1.The Muppets Trailer

2.Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Promo

3.Aquarium of the Pacific Commercial

4.Disney California Adventure Promo

5.Walt Disney World Promo

6.Max & Ruby TV Spot

7.Max & Ruby's Christmas Adventure: The Movie Soundtrack Promo

8.Cars 2 Preview

9.The Help Preview

10.The Adventures of Lucky Rabbit Preview

11.Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition Preview

12.Team Umizoomi: The Movie Teaser Trailer

13.Premiere After the Movie

14.Bird's Christmas Story Short Film

15.Blue MPAA Rating Screen G

16.Blue Warning Screen

17."The commentaries and Interview"

18.FBI Anti-Piracy Warning

19.Introduction with Max & Ruby

20.Format Screen

21.Walt Disney Pictures Logo

22.Nick Jr. Movies Logo

23.Start of the Film

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