1.AMC Entertainment Card Ad

2.Post Office Commercial

3.M&M Commercial

4.Coke Cola Commercial

5.Disneyland Commercial

6.Walt Disney World Commercial

7.Coming Soon to AMC Theatres Logo

8.Pokemon: The First Movie Trailer

9.My Little Pony: The Movie Equestria Girls - Dawn of the Dinosaurs Trailer

10.Toy Story 2 Trailer

11.Stuart Little Trailer

12.Man on the Moon Trailer

13.Galaxy Quest Trailer

14.Fantasia 2000 Trailer

15.Next Sunday Trailer

16.Isn't She Great Trailer

17.The Tigger Movie Trailer

18.Hanging Up Trailer

19.3 Strikes Trailer

20.Mission to Mars Trailer

21.Erin Brockovich Trailer

22.Here on Earth Trailer

23.The Camp Lazlo Movie 2000 Trailer

24.Return to Me Trailer

25.28 Days Trailer

26.Dinosaur Trailer

27.Gone in 60 Seconds Trailer

28.Chicken Run Trailer

29.AMC Silence is Golden Trailer

30.AMC Feature Presentation Trailer

31.Walt Disney Pictures Logo

32.Imagine Entertainment Logo

33.Start of the Film

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