Oliver and company ver1
  1. The Land Before Time Theatrical Trailer
  2. Scrooged Trailer
  3. The Naked Gun Trailer
  4. Twins Trailer
  5. Rain Man Trailer
  6. Gone With the Wind 1989 Re-Release Trailer
  7. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Trailer
  8. Troop Beverly Hills Trailer
  9. The Dream Team Teaser Trailer
  10. Dead Poet's Society Teaser Trailer
  11. Star Trek V Teaser Trailer
  12. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  13. Batman Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  14. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Trailer
  15. Ghostbusters II Trailer
  16. The Little Mermaid Teaser Trailer
  17. Cinemark Policy Trailer (1988)
  18. Walt Disney Pictures (1985-1990) logo
  19. Opening credits (Once Upon a Time in New York City)
  20. Start of film

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