• Green FBI warnings
  • The Walt Disney company intro
  • "Join us for a special Preview from Walt Disney Pictures"
  • The little mermaid Re-release Trailer
  • Flubber Trailer
  • "Coming to video"
  • Beauty and the beast:The enchanted christmas Preview
  • Hercules Preview
  • Peter Pan Preview
  • The toys who saved christmas Preview
  • George of the jungle Preview
  • Disney presents:Rainbow of Oz Preview
  • "From Disney Interactive"
  • Nightmare Ned promo
  • The wonderful world of Disney promo
  • "Stay tuned after the feature"
  • "Feature presentation"
  • Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo
  • THX logo
  • 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo
  • RKO Radio Pictures logo
  • Opening credits (song:summer)
  • ​Start of film
  • NOTE 1:This 1942 Disney animated musical movie is called Party of the forest.
  • NOTE 2:There is a different Little Mermaid Trailer of the version 1.

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