• April 5, 1999

VHS Previews

  1. Green Warning Screen (1997-2000)
  2. The Walt Disney Company Intro/"Join Us For A Special Preview from Walt Disney Pictures"
  3. Inspector Gadget Theatrical Trailer
  4. Tarzan Behind-the-Scenes Promo (from Mulan 1999 VHS)
  5. "Coming to Video"
  6. A Bug's Life Preview
  7. The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad Preview
  8. Alice in Wonderland/Robin Hood Preview
  9. The Great Mouse Detective Preview
  10. "On the Disney Channel"
  11. Playhouse Disney Promo
  12. "Feature Presentation"
  13. Walt Disney Home Video Logo (1991-2001) (Gold)
  14. "This film has been modified..."
  15. 1995 Walt Disney Pictures Logo (Penn Zero & Star Butterfly Variant)
  16. DiC Entertainment Logo (Penn Zero & Star Butterfly Variant)
  17. Start of the Film

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