1. Cineplex: Movie Tickets AD
  2. Cineplex: Suzie Seatkicker AD
  3. Cineplex Mobile App AD
  4. Cineplex: Coming Soon bumper
  5. "Put On Your 3D Glasses" (Not Shown)
  6. Free Birds trailer (Well the eOne logo when I saw at the beginning of the eOne trailers has that music during the logo, but in YouTube version there's no music on the logo, so I put it anyways)
  7. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 trailer
  8. Bears trailer
  9. The Muppets: Most Wanted trailer
  10. Frozen trailer
  11. Cineplex: Feature Presentation bumper
  12. Disney logo (Planes variant) (Not Shown)

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