Ranma 12 The Movie 1995 VHS
  1. Paramount "Coming Attractions" bumper
  2. Black Sheep Trailer
  3. Mission Impossible Teaser Trailer
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    Harriet the Spy Teaser Trailer
  5. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America Teaser Trailer
  6. Clueless VHS Trailer
  7. Braveheart VHS Trailer
  8. Tommy Boy VHS Trailer
  9. MacGyver: The Movie VHS Trailer
  10. The Brady Bunch Movie VHS Trailer
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  12. Ranma 1/2 Video Collection Promo
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  17. Nickelodeon Video Collection Promo
  18. Ranma 1/2 Video Games Promo
  19. Ranma 1/2 Movie Soundtrack Promo
  20. "Stay Tuned after the movie for 2 music videos by Roxette and Janet Jackson performing 'It's Love' and 'Runaway' from the Ranma 1/2 Movie Soundtrack" title card
  21. Paramount Feature Presentation logo
  22. FBI warnings
  23. This film has been Modified
  24. Paramount Pictures logo (Ranma 1/2 The Movie variant)
  25. MTV Productions logo
  26. Opening credits (Happosai stealing panties)
  27. Start of film