VHS Previews

1.Bridget Sparkles: The Home of Reason Teaser Trailer

2.The Cat in the Hat Trailer

3.Dave Thomas' National Adoption Center Commercial

4.Aquarium of the Pacific Commercial

5.Pizza Hut Commercial

6.Taco Bell Commercial

7.Universal Studios Hollywood Promo

8.Universal Orlando Resort Promo

9.Law & Order: Special Victims Unit TV Spot

10.Revenge of Outer Space Soundtrack Promo

11.Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas Preview

12.Hulk Preview

13.Bruce Almighty Preview

14.Seabiscuit Preview

15.Beethoven's 5th Preview

16.The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration Preview

17.Stay Tuned After the Movie for the Exploring The Reef in Space

18.Spike The Movie 5th Anniversary Logo (2003)

19.Vinyl Fair Short Film

20.Blue MPAA Rating Screen PG-13

21.Warning Screen

22.Format Screen

23.THX Logo

24.Universal Pictures Logo

25.Imagine Entertainment Logo

26.Start of the film

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