What if Buena Vista and Dimension owned the movie "South Park Bigger Longer Uncut" instead of Paramount and it was produced in 1996 and released in April 5, 1997 rather than 1999, then, Buena Vista would have owned the series along with Comedy Central.


  1. 1991 Green FBI Warning Screens
  2. 1989 Buena Vista Home Video logo (as seen on Gargoyles the Movie)
  3. Coming Soon to Theatres logo
  4. Hercules Theatrical Trailer
  5. Coming Soon to Own on Videocassette logo
  6. The Blob VHS Preview (Thevideotour1's custom BVHV version)
  7. Now Avaliable to Own on Videocassette logo
  8. ET the Extra Terrestrail VHS Preview (Thevideotour1's custom BVHV version)
  9. Feature Presentation logo
  10. Green Format Screen logo
  11. 1996 Dimension Films logo
  12. Start of Film

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