1. Revengeofthesith

Regal Entertainment Policy Trailer

  1. Madagascar Trailer
  2. The Longest Yard Trailer
  3. Mr and Mrs Smith Trailer
  4. Batman Begins Trailer
  5. The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl in 3D Trailer
  6. The Honeymooners Trailer
  7. Herbie: Fully Loaded Trailer
  8. March of the Penguins Trailer
  9. Bewitched Trailer
  10. War of the Worlds Trailer
  11. Fantastic Four Trailer
  12. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Trailer
  13. Bad News Bears Trailer
  14. Ice Age: The Meltdown Teaser Trailer
  15. X-Men: The Last Stand Teaser Trailer
  16. Regal Entertainment "Feature Presentation" bumper
  17. 20th Century Fox logo
  18. Lucasfilm logo
  19. Opening credits
  20. Start of film

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