1. Tangerine AD
  2. Pringles AD
  3. Yellow Pages App AD
  4. 2014 Jeep Cherokee AD (Not Shown)
  5. Rogers Nextbox 3.0 AD (Not Shown)
  6. Interact Flash AD
  7. Porsche AD (Not Shown, it's the different version when I saw)
  8. Cineplex: Sally Soundtrack
  9. Cineplex Mobile App
  10. Cineplex: Coming Soon
  11. Earth to Echo trailer (Not Shown)
  12. 22 Jump Street trailer (NOTE: The trailer has swear words)
  13. Annie (2014) trailer
  14. Cineplex: Feature Presentation
  15. Sony logo
  16. Columbia Pictures logo
  17. Marvel logo

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