Here's the Opening Previews for The 1996 VHS of The Brave Little Toaster and This is the VHS Opening and It's a Black Clamshell Case and This is a Blue Tape and It Has a Sticker Label and The Printdate is from December 16, 1996

  1. FBI Warning
  2. Sony Wonder logo (2001)
  3. Coming Soon To Videocassette (2001)
  4. Sesame Street Kids Guide to Life Video and Audio Products Trailer
  5. Rugrats Video Promo 1996
  6. The Little Bear Movie Trailer
  7. Mousehunt Trailer
  8. Pizza Hut Commercial (from TMNT the Movie)
  9. Stay Tuned After Our Feature for a Special Music Video Logo
  10. Feature Presentation Logo
  11. Sony Wonder Logo
  12. Opening Titles

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