Opening to The Little Mermaid 1991 (Australia) VHS

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Here's the opening to the 1991 VHS (Australia) of the Little Mermaid. The print date is: September 13th, 1991.

  1. Roadshow Warning Screen
  2. The Following Trailers are Rated G
  3. Coming Soon from Walt Disney Pictures
  4. The Rescuers Down Under / The Prince and the Pauper preview
  5. Cinderella (re-release) preview
  6. Walt Disney Home Video 1986 logo (w/ voiceover)
  7. Walt Disney Home Video 1991 (Australia) promo
  8. Coming Soon
  9. Fantasia VHS preview
  10. Stay Tuned after the feature and coming release from "EuroDisney Resort Paris"
  11. Walt Disney Home Video 1986 logo
  12. 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo

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