1. Green FBI Warnings

2. Jim Henson Home Entertainment Logo

3. Fusionfall Heroes Preview

4. The Muppets (2011) Preview #1

5. Muppets From Space Preview

6. Coming Soon To Own On Video & DVD

7. The Muppets' Wizard of Oz Preview

8. Aliens In The Attic Preview

9. The Muppets Take Manhattan Preview

10. Scooby Doo Preview

11. The Muppet Movie Preview

12. Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Preview

13. The Great Muppet Caper Preview

14. Kermit's Swamp Years Preview

15. Monster House Preview

16. 1993 Feature Presentation Logo

17. 20th Century Fox Logo (The Simpsons Movie Varient)

Release Date: May 20th 2003

Printdate: June 7th 2003

The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 film, but this is a 2003 VHS.

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