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1. Blue FBI Warning Screens (2000-2003)

2. Walt Disney Home Entertainment Logo

3. The Lion King: Platinum Edition preview

4. Coming Soon To Theaters

5. Finding Nemo preview

6. The Haunted Mansion preview

7. Coming Soon To Own On Video and DVD

8. The Jungle Book 2 preview

10. Stitch! The Movie preview

11. Sleeping Beauty: Special Edition preview Treasure Planet Trailer

12. Kim Possible Promo

13. Stay Tuned After The Feature For A Short

14. Partly Cloudy Short

15: 2000-2006 Feature Presentation

16: THX Logo (1997-2003)

17. Blue Format Screen (Late 2000-Early 2005)

18. Walt Disney Pictures Logo

19. Pixar Logo

20: Start Of Movie

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