Here's the order:

  1. Lyrick Studios Warning Screens
  2. Lyrick Studios Logo (1998-2001)
  3. Billboard Dad Trailer
  4. You're Invited to Mary-Kate and Ashley's Mall Party/Costume Party Trailer
  5. Mary-Kate and Ashley's Videos Trailer
  6. Mary-Kate and Ashley's Books Trailer
  7. Mary-Kate and Ashley's Soundtrack Trailer
  8. Mary-Kate and Ashley's Fan Club Trailer
  9. Groundling Marsh Videos Trailer
  10. Please Stay Tuned Following This Presentation for Previews of Other Lyrick Studios Home Videos Screen
  11. Dualstar Video Logo
  12. Nick Jr. Face Tries To Make Sheep Sounds
  13. Presented By Dualstar Productions Screen

That's All

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