If you're looking for a simple way to install the web browser Opera (and you should be), here's a set of instructions along with a link to the file.

Seattle XO User Group Easy Opera Install Instructions

January 23, 2008

Comments: For ease in installation, we have renamed each of the various files to single numbers. The actual file version is noted in each step of the instructions.

Get a blank USB flash drive (also called a 'thumb drive' or 'jump drive'). It needs to be at least 128 MB in size.

Download the file to your PC or Mac:

Unzip the folder

Copy the 4 numbered files to a blank flash drive

Rename the drive 'X' (Upper-case X)

Insert into XO laptop

Install Opera: (version: opera-9.12-20070122.10-static-qt.i386-en-544)

(launch Terminal)

    cd /
    rpm -vi /media/X/1.rpm (note the case-sensitive "X" in all paths)
    opera (just to confirm it works)
    (quit Opera)

Note: Opera will run fine from the terminal command, but if you want to be able to click on an icon in the Frame, you need to "Sugarize" or "Sweeten" the application. (Sugar is the name of user interface on the XO.)

Sweeten Opera: (version: opera-9.12-20070122.10-static-qt.i386-en-544)

(in Terminal)

    cd /
    mkdir /home/olpc/Activities
    cd /home/olpc/Activities
    tar xvzf /media/X/2.tar.gz
    rm opera-activity.tar.gz

(Opera should now have an icon on Activities bar and launch from there.)

Install Java: (version: jre-6u3-linux-i586-rpm.bin)

(in Terminal)

    cd /
    rpm -vi /media/X/3.rpm
    cd /usr/lib/opera/plugins
    ln -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0/lib/i386

(launch Opera, open the Preferences from the Menu, go to Advanced tab, select the Content option. Click on Enable Java and then in the Java options, locate the directory /usr/java/jre1.6.0/lib/i386 and then click on the Validate Path. Quit and relaunch Opera (to test Java,

Install Flash: (version: flash-plugin-

(in Terminal)

    cd /
    rpm -vi /media/X/4.rpm

(to test Flash,

You should see animation in the bottom box (not the upper Shockwave one))

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