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The purpose of this temporary wiki is to supplement the rather modest list of Known Issues included in the original posts on the Opera Desktop Team Blog and create a one-stop place to look to see if "your" problem has been confirmed by anyone.

This list will by no means be complete or official, but should consist of issues that are "known" in the sense that others have confirmed them for you. Opera will likely have confirmed few of these publicly in any obvious place, but that's to be expected with the current bug reporting system. Include any bug numbers you know of for reference.

Please avoid posting issues that only you have seen; instead, post those to the blog and try to gain consensus. Please avoid posting issues that have already been noted by Opera in the latest original post on the blog (some very well may have been confirmed in comments, but few read all several hundred of them with each release).

9.52 Windows 10089

  1. Since Opera adds IFrames to the current window's history, on some pages you'll be unable to navigate backwards without clicking back repeatedly. Workaround is to use a content blocker such as this one. Thread.
  2. A very large Wand.dat file in combination with visiting a site with an excess of check boxes causes Opera to seize up for about 10 seconds and take all of your CPU. Thread.
  3. In at least some cases, links on sites that are programmed to open a given page in a new tab open the pages in a new tab but one which has a false history. For example, click the link in the first post here. Notice that you can use the back arrow on the new page--to go back to a blank page. You shouldn't be able to go back at all, since it's a brand new tab, and the back arrow should be inactive. Thread.
  4. Opera can hang on the last element (or not otherwise complete page rendering) because of either content blocking or having Javascript enabled. Example threads here and here.
  5. Favicons for custom search engines are not all being displayed in the search box -- only relatively few are being picked up by Opera, even though the favicons are visible elsewhere (say, in Bookmarks). Related, favicons for default search engines are lost when using Delete Private Data/Clear Bookmark Visted Time. Thread. Update: Workaround.
  6. Seemingly random favicons on the Personal Toolbar and bookmark menus can disappear when the sites are visited, only to reappear when you restart Opera. The cycle repeats the next time you visit those sites. It's a minor subset of bookmarks and typically the same ones repeat the problem. Threads here and here.
  7. Non-hotlinked URL selecting broken. Thread.
  8. Address Bar Search is sometimes missing sites that can be found in the History panel. Example: cannot be found by typing "logmein," you must type "secure" -- other examples include (must type "bugzilla") and (must type "blogs"). Some recently-visited sites can be entirely missing no matter what you type. Threads here and here.
  9. Recently entered addresses in the Address Bar are no longer listed at the top of the dropdown history list -- or sometimes anywhere on the list. Thread.
  10. Normally with the default "no color scheme," Address Bar Search results are green on the left and blue on the right. However, if you go in and change the color scheme to one of the colors, the results are instead two slightly different shades of whatever the color scheme is, defeating the purpose of any color differentiation there at all. Thread.
  11. Memory leaks - In one day, Opera can reach anywhere between 400MB and 600MB+ with fewer than 20 tabs. Very little of that memory, if any, is given back by closing tabs. Update: Some users report seeing memory usage at 1GB and above. One user took a screenshot of Process Explorer showing such usage with Opera 9.51: image link.
  12. Certain areas in Preferences still excruciatingly slow to get into, out of, or both, such as Manage Site Preferences, Manage Cookies, and Wand Passwords. CPU use spikes during these waits, which can range from 10 to more than 20 seconds. Cause: Presence of a significant (though typical) number of files in the Images directory (favicons) in your local profile. Thread with the details.

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