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  • This is a place to be creative and include your ideas for ways to improve the Opera Browser.


In no particular order (yet):

  1. URL History index setting in UI (specified in Days kept): Preferences/Advanced/History.
  2. Ability to relocate URL History index, e.g. opera:config#UserPrefs|IndexDirectory.
  3. Context menu "Open With" possible for links.
  4. Context menu "Open With" IE moved up out of submenu since it's the most used (configurable).
  5. "Go" button graphical and shown by default.
  6. Tab multithreading so the performance or stability of one tab does not affect the others.
  7. Inline spellcheck.
  8. Inline AutoComplete in all fields.
  9. Suggestions, AutoComplete, and History added to search buttons.
  10. Add option to eliminate the mandatory tooltip delay of 1 second.
  11. Uncheck by default "Look for local network machines" in Preferences/Advanced/Network "Server Name Completion," since it adds an unecessary delay to the resolution of single words typed into the address field, and next to no one knows to uncheck it for themselves.
  12. Option to make Find (inline and otherwise) non-circular.
  13. Support for extensions or even just Opera-certified extensions (e.g. Roboform).
  14. Font size adjustment in Site Preferences.
  15. Content blocker enhancements:
    1. AdBlock+ style site exceptions (whitelisting--see why that's important here).
    2. The ability to dynamically toggle off/on various ad servers or the entire thing.
    3. Detailed overview of what's blocked and not blocked.
    4. No longer reorder the contents of urlfilter.ini when it's accessed via "Blocked Content" in Preferences, as it's extremely annoying when one goes to edit urlfilter.ini manually.
    5. The ability to search blocked content (similar to Cookie Manager).
  16. A setting to disable the Opera tray icon (the one on the far right in Windows) once and for all.
  17. The ability via Preferences to disable built-in BitTorrent client.
  18. Opera:config enhancements:
    1. Improve performance of Quick Find box or add a 1000 ms delay to avoid slow page refreshing while typing the search string on not-so-super-fast computers.
    2. Always specify the units a given value is in (KB, MB, etc) so that there's no guessing, and make them consistent while you're at it (e.g. don't mix KB and MB).
    3. Integrate help/explanations for each item right on the page, perhaps as float-over help or the result of clicking a question mark icon. While the information on the Opera's Settings File Explained page is helpful, it's cumbersome to have to go there and find a setting on the page, not to mention that the information presented there is always outdated and known to be wrong in a few cases. A general audit of that information is in order regardless.
  19. Change background color to black when opening an image in full screen mode (see Opera 9.2x)
  20. Change "Save Link As..." to "Save Target As..." (there already is a place to save links, called Bookmarks).
  21. Respect "Plugin Path" if it is set in profile\opera6.ini. Don't load any other plugins.
  22. Add option "Properties..." in context menu if the bookmark is stored on toolbars other than Personal Bar.

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