Operation: D.U.C.K.Y. and Other Episodes is a fan-fiction VHS/DVD Release featuring two Codename: Kids Next Door episodes, two Pokemon episodes, two Mucha Lucha episodes and two Thomas and Friends episodes.


  1. Operation: D.U.C.K.Y. (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  2. Operation: D.I.A.P.E.R. (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  3. Mild N Wooly (Pokemon)
  4. Current Events (Pokemon)
  5. Mars Madness (Mucha Lucha)
  6. Fears of A Clown (Mucha Lucha)
  7. Haunted Henry (Thomas and Friends)
  8. Double Teething Troubles (Thomas and Friends)


  • Distributed by USA Home Entertainment.

VHS/DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Top: Tommy (surprised) and Mrs. Dirt (happy)
  • Bottom: Mary from "Mild N Wooly"

Back Cover

  • The Mascaritas from "Fears of A Clown"
  • Bill and Ben from "Double Teething Troubles"

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