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Codename: Kids Next Door/The Simpsons Parody Cast

  • Numbuh 2 as Homer
  • Numbuh 5 as Marge
  • Numbuh 1 as Bart
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan as Lisa
  • Numbuh 3 as Maggie
  • Numbuh 4 as Lenny
  • Mrs. Lincoln as Helen Lovejoy
  • Stickybeard as Sea Captain
  • Dr. Lincoln as Dr. Hibbert
  • Sidney as Martin Prince
  • Jessica as Alison Taylor
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan as Uter Zorker
  • Cree Lincoln as Edna Krabappel
  • Al Sugarh as Frank Grimes
  • Black John Licorice as Sideshow Bob

Voice Cast In Codename: Kids Next Door/The Simpsons Parody

  • Dan Catellaneta - Numbuh 2
  • Julie Kavner - Numbuh 5
  • Nancy Cartwright - Numbuh 1 and Numbuh 3
  • Yeardley Smith - Henrietta Von Marzipan
  • Hank Azaria - Stickybeard and Al Sugarh
  • Harry Shearer - Numbuh 4 and Dr. Lincoln
  • Maggie Roswell - Mrs. Lincoln
  • Winoda Ryder - Jessica
  • Pamela Hayden - Jessica
  • Russi Taylor - Sidney and Heinrich Von Marzipan
  • Marcia Wallace - Cree Lincoln
  • Kelsey Grammer - Black John Licorice

Thomas/South Park Parody Cast

  • Thomas as Stan Marsh
  • Diesel as Eric Cartman
  • Emily as Wendy Testaburger
  • Gordon as Chef
  • Toby as Mr. Garrison
  • Mavis as Sharon Marsh
  • Henry as Gerald Broflovski
  • Elizabeth as Sheila Broflovski
  • James as Clyde Dovoman
  • Oliver as Craig Tucker
  • Whiff as Mr. Hankey
  • Spencer as Gregory Of Yardale

Voice Cast In Thomas/South Park Parody

  • Trey Parker - Thomas, Diesel, Toby, James, Whiff and Spencer
  • Matt Stone - Oliver and Henry
  • Isaac Hayes - Gordon
  • Mary Kay Bergman - Emily, Mavis and Elizabeth
  • Mona Marshall - Emily, Mavis and Elizabeth
  • Eliza Schneider - Emily and Mavis
  • April Stewart - Emily and Mavis

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