Operation: SPAMCAN
Operation spamcan dvd.png
Directed by MrDankEngine
Produced by MrDankEngine
Written by MrDankEngine
Starring MrDankEngine
Music by Mike O'Donnell
Junior Campbell
Robert Hartshorne
Peter Hartshorne
Hummie Mann
Paul K.Joyce
Distributed by HiT Entertainment
Language English
Who was that diesel?


Operation: SPAMCAN is a TWR feature-length special.


Thomas' Branch Line is closed due to track repair, so Thomas has to go and work at the Dirt Site. When he first arrives, he can see no one, but after catching sight of Billy, he chases him to the other side of the dirt site.

However, Billy and Charlie are in the mood for pranks. They trick Thomas into being coupled to a line of trucks, which are already coupled to Rosie from the other direction. Thomas pulls the trucks forward, jerking Rosie backwards suddenly. As the two tanks engines run off laughing, Rosie warns Thomas to be careful as a storm closes in and the rain makes the bridge collapse.

As Thomas is going along, he saw a blue diesel racing under the bridge, but it started to collapse and Thomas cannot stay to investigate. Billy and Charlie push Thomas to safety just in time before they fall off the bridge.

The next morning, the Fat Controller gathers a few of his engines at the shunting yard for a very important meeting. They pay tribute to Billy and Charlie, who rescued Thomas from the collapsing bridge at the dirt site; while he is praising them, Gordon and James mumble with disapproval. Before the rest of the engines leave, the Fat Controller tells them that a new engine is coming to Sodor. When the engines leave, Thomas and Percy are the only two left in the yard. Thomas explains the blue diesel to a curious Percy but he is worried about the blue diesel.

Before Thomas goes to the docks, he returns to the Dirt Site and saw the engines fixing the bridge, but is interrupted by Rocky. Rosie was pushing him to mend the bridge and Thomas tells her if she saw any big diesels but Rocky thinks he is imagining until he is about to fall off the bridge while lifting a piece of track but Thomas cannot investigate about the diesel.

Thomas goes to the docks, where he meets the other engines and he was glad he arrived in time as the new engine arrives. The new engine's name is Grant and the engines introduce their names to Grant and the Fat Controller tells him to help Gordon with the express which made him upset. After they were gone, Duck tells Thomas that he has to help him with his goods train that needs to go to Arlesdale so the Small Railway Engines can do their jobs but James thinks he is being a duck and with that, ducks like waddling but Duck said to James that his real name is "Montague" and then they went back to work.

Meanwhile, Gordon was upset because Grant had to use his express line. Grant tells Gordon that he, him and Duck used to argue about the names of the big station in London and he also derailed after he left which made Gordon feel very embarrassed.

But Duck was struggling to go up the hill and then Thomas decided to help him but the trucks were being troublesome and with that, they pushed them down the other side. Thomas tried to put his brakes on but the trucks pushed Duck and they were heading towards the Dirt Site where Harvey and Rocky were going home until they saw the runaway Duck and Thomas. Rocky told Harvey to stop and he did just in time.

Then there was trouble, Duck went over an arched stone bridge and Thomas went on another track which leads to a set of buffers. Thomas tried to stop but instead, he went to the buffers that are magic and Thomas was on the Magic Railroad where he saw Lady and then she pushed him out of the magic buffers and Thomas chuffed back to work but he didn't notice there was a blue diesel hiding outside the tunnel.

On the Little Western line, Duck was still out of control and then he crashed into Mike and then his driver called the Fat Controller who sent Harvey and Rocky to put the two engines back onto the tracks.

That night, Grant went to Tidmouth Sheds. He asked the engines where Edward is but Thomas said that he went to do a very important night shift, but Emily suggested that Grant has to stay at the sheds until Edward arrives and with that, the other engines went to sleep.

Early the next morning, at the Dirt Site, Thomas went to investigate the magic buffers. Before he goes through them, Billy and Charlie scare him. As Thomas went to the Magic Railroad, Lady thinks that Thomas was supposed to be on Sodor but Thomas tries to tell her about what he did yesterday but Lady just pushed him out of the Magic Railroad and Thomas went flying out of the magic buffers and bumped into Rosie who heard an earthquake but it was just the magic buffers shaking.

After Thomas left, the blue diesel arrived at the Dirt Site along with Diesel 10. The blue diesel's name was Spamcan and he told Diesel 10 about how he found Thomas. When the two diesels arrived at the magic buffers, Diesel 10 went to look for his sidekicks, Splatter and Dodge but as he does, he tells Spamcan to stay at the buffers.

Meanwhile, Billy was working then he saw Diesel 10 racing by. He was so scared that he crashed into Charlie who was shunting a flatbed. Then Harvey and Rocky went back to the Dirt Side to clear the mess but Rocky felt disappointed that he has to help Harvey. After they were done, Billy and Charlie thank the two cranes and with that, Harvey and Rocky went away.

Later that day, Thomas' Branch Line is open again and he saw Percy but as he went beside him, Thomas tells his best friend to take Annie and Clarabel while Henry takes his goods train so Thomas can go to the Dirt Site.

On his way, he went pass Bertie at a level crossing but he couldn't understand why Thomas has to go to the Dirt Site. As he left, Grant and Gordon arrived. Grant thinks level crossings are useless but Gordon said they had to go and get the express.

Thomas is at the Dirt Site shunting trucks for Dennis and begins to wonder about the magic buffers. He asks Charlie and Billy if this is the case and, offended that he is apparently ungrateful that they risked their lives for him, they puff away. Thomas felt sad so he went to the Magic Railroad to see Lady but she was angry at her that if Diesel 10 destroyed the magic buffers, Thomas will be stuck forever so Lady yelled at Thomas and he quickly raced away leaving Lady crying.

Thomas told Rosie everything but Diesel 10 sneaked behind him and when they realized who it is, the two engines raced away and then Diesel 10 chased after them all around the Dirt Site and left. Percy saw Spamcan and the blue diesel chased after the little green engine who was doing Thomas' jobs and they met up with Rosie, Thomas and Diesel 10. Together they raced all over Sodor trying to get away from the two diesels. They went to Arlesdale where Mike was with Oliver and Oliver and Toad had to reverse and then they went passed Toby and Henrietta who were going under a bridge. Back at the Dirt Site, Dennis, Billy and Charlie were working hard and then the engines returned but as they went the other side, the tracks were blocked by Billy who was shunting and then Spamcan and Diesel 10 came off the tracks. The 3 tank engines were glad they were saved but Annie and Clarabel realized that they were supposed to go to stations, not dirty places.

That evening, Thomas went to the Shunting Yards where he saw Edward, Henry, Gordon and Emily. He asked them about Lady but they said that he, Percy and Rosie were being chased by Diesel 10 and Spamcan. Then Thomas went to the Magic Railroad to speak to Lady of what he did, and Lady felt sorry for Thomas and she apologized and then he went out the Magic Railroad and back to the Dirt Site looking for clues and met up with Billy, Charlie, Rosie and Dennis and told him about Diesel 10.

That night at Tidmouth Sheds, Percy couldn't sleep so Thomas asked him what was wrong and Percy explained that he was having nightmares about Spamcan but James teased him. Thomas tried to stop James. Then they heard a loud crash and Percy went to see what it is. James thinks he is going to the Dirt Site so he and Thomas went out of the sheds and chuffed off to the Dirt Site looking for Percy.

Percy has gone to the Dirt Site. His puffing wakes up Billy, who accuses Charlie of making puffing noises in his sleep. Just then, James arrived and puffs up next to Percy, who is about to pass the danger sign at the site of where the bridge had collapsed, wanting to face Spamcan himself. James tries once again to apologize, and realizing that Percy is not going to forgive him, decides to prove how much more brave than Percy he is. Then Diesel 10 told Spamcan what to do when they arrive and then Thomas comes in yelling for Percy. The tank engines both believe that they can even hear what Rosie is dreaming now.

When it was sunrise, James slowly moves onto the bridge, blowing his whistle loudly in an attempt to provoke Spamcan, only to cause Percy's driver seeing the two diesels, making the little green engine realize that what Thomas said about that it was all true. As Thomas tries to get the two engines' attention, James sees Spamcan and was frightened. he tries to reverse, but gets stuck and the bridge started to collapse. Worst of all, Spamcan biffed an oil tanker and crashed into the track raisers and the bridge was on fire so Billy, Charlie, Rosie and Dennis have to get out of the bridge. But as Thomas tries to get them, Billy won't let him go near the bridge.

Percy urges James to go forward, and after James is hesitant to do so, Percy decides that he must save James as he buffers up to him to get him to safety then the bridge collapsed. James and Percy were out of control as Diesel 10 chased after them until James and Percy went into the magic buffers. Thomas was upset that Diesel 10's plan worked and he congratulated Spamcan but before he destroyed the magic buffers, he heard an earthquake but it was just the magic buffers shaking and the two diesels have to get out quickly by the time Lady shunted James and Percy out of the magic buffers. Thomas was happy to see Lady, Percy and James again but they were in danger as Diesel 10 went behind them and Thomas had an idea.

He went to Tidmouth Station where he saw Gordon and Grant as their drivers had a meeting. Thomas told Grant to go to the Dirt Site immediately and when they arrived, Thomas showed him where Diesel 10 is and he decided to destroy them.

Diesel 10 was about to destroy Lady then Grant came up to him. He pushed Diesel 10 off the track and crashed right in front of Lady. Then Spamcan came racing along the tracks but Grant pushed him onto his side. The engines cheered for grant then the Fat Controller arrived onboard Henry and was wearing a driver's suit. He asked what happened and Billy told him that Grant saved the engines and when the Fat Controller heard what Billy had said, he understand and with that, he told the engines to work together to rebuild the bridge and get ready for the next day and they all whistled for joy.

Later that day, the engines were busy fixing the bridge, they were hard at work and Lady helped as well. At last the bridge was rebuilt and the Fat Controller congratulated all his engines for fixing the bridge and they will get ready for the grand opening tomorrow.

The next day was the grand opening of the Sodor Dirt Site and all the engines arrived. The Fat Controller said his speech and tells everyone that they are really useful engines and with that, they all whistled long and loud.

That evening, Thomas is just in time to say farewell to Lady as she leaves, remarking that it takes courage to say goodbye to a friend. Lady disappears into the magic buffers and the three friends puff away into the distance as the credits roll with the song "Immortals".

After the end credits, Thomas returned to the sheds as his crew tidy everything up in his cab and cleaned up his parts and then James and Percy arrived at the sheds and went to sleep. Just then, Plankton from SpongeBob Squarepants appeard on a mountain ledge, and when he saw the Island of Sodor sign, he decided to take over the whole Island and will get the Krabby Patty Formula and with that, he laughs maniacally.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Henry
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Toby
  • Emily
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Lady
  • Harvey
  • Rosie
  • Billy
  • Charlie
  • Grant
  • Diesel 10
  • Salty
  • Dennis
  • Spamcan
  • Mike
  • Annie and Clarabel
  • Henrietta
  • Toad
  • Rocky
  • Bertie
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Plankton
  • Arthur (cameo)
  • Molly (cameo)
  • Whiff (cameo)
  • Daisy (cameo)
  • Lady Hatt (cameo)
  • The Mayor of Sodor (cameo)
  • Burnett Stone (mentioned)


  • The Castle Tunnel
  • The Little Western
  • Thomas' Branch Line
  • Sodor Dirt Site
  • Shunting Yards
  • Brendam Docks
  • Gordon's Hill
  • The Magic Railroad
  • Arlesdale Railway
  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Tidmouth Station


  • A refrerence from Gordon Goes Foreign is made.
  • This film is not shown in Germany due to copyright restrictions.
  • Plankton's appearance foreshadows Thomas and the Evil Plankton.


  • A Brakevan should've been added to Arthur, Whiff and Duck's Trains
  • When Thomas saw Charlie and Billy from the bridge, Billy is in front of Charlie but in the next scene, Billy is Behind Charlie.
  • In real life, a crane like Rocky could've fallen off the tracks while fixing the bridge.
  • Gordon and Grant are said to pull the express but they are pulling branch line coaches.
  • When Rosie stopped before Thomas and Duck pass her, her front wheels are derailed.
  • How did Duck get onto the minimum tracks when Mike was heading towards him?
  • Throughout the whole movie, Diesel 10 is missing his claw.
  • When Percy enters the Dirt Site, the rear truck that Dennis had with his train could've came off the tracks.
  • When the oil tanker crashes into Dennis, the oil inside could've spilt all over him.
  • When Spamcan comes up to James and Percy, he came of the rails.
  • When Thomas arrives at Tidmouth Station, the roof is missing.
  • Diesel 10 went in front of Lady when Percy and James escaped, but in the next scene after Thomas looked for grant, He is on the track that leads to the arched stone bridge.
  • When Thomas arrives at the Dirt Site for the grand reopening, Clarabel is derailed.
  • When Plankton is out of the water, he needs a water helmet to breathe in water.


Part 1

Operation SPAMCAN Part 107:59

Operation SPAMCAN Part 1

Part 2

Operation SPAMCAN Part 209:00

Operation SPAMCAN Part 2

Part 3

Operation SPAMCAN Part 309:18

Operation SPAMCAN Part 3

Part 4

Operation SPAMCAN Part 413:01

Operation SPAMCAN Part 4

Part 5

Operation SPAMCAN Part 511:41

Operation SPAMCAN Part 5

Part 6

Operation SPAMCAN Part 611:16

Operation SPAMCAN Part 6


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