After all that has taken place The group think Scott is very stressed out about all the events which have taken place. Also Emma Davison from what went on to her has changed her personally all together. Scott tells the group is anyone ready to strike back at the Oasis and stop them. Scott tells how he cannot allow them to keep making clones and doing things with them. The group accept and together they plan on blowing up the whole of Oasis care.

Soon Scott along with Zack, Maria, Stacy, and Keith head back to Oasis. Because Zack claimed his cruiser had been stolen he manages to get it back. As they drive down Zack tells them to go ahead and finsish off there base. As they enter they soon are inside the main core and plan on blowing it up. As they do this they are meet with a clone of Keith who wants them all to die. Keith Rainer fights off with the clone and soon they escape after blowing the base up. However unaware to them. Kang Davison knows its them and now plans a attack back on the Rivers. Armed with his clones.

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